Friday, November 22, 2013

Transition, Transformation, TRANSFORMERS!!!!

Heaven help I have entered the world of working mothers. I couldn't be more blessed. These people are amazing. My job exercises my brain the way my elliptical would exercise my butt if I would just get on it. The company is awesome. Its a 15 minute commute. Its perfect school hours...I couldn't ask for much more......well I actually could.

I have scoured the internet and mom sites for weeks now. I knew this day was coming. I tried really hard to get ready for it. I actually made lists and more lists .... and MORE lists....none of them ever got done. It's ok though. What's that you say? I should have been prepared. I would have LOVED to have been prepared. As a matter of fact I am sure I could have been if it were not for 4+ nights a week of extra curricular activities for my mini-me's and then there was the stomach virus 9 days before I started working and the LICE struck 7 days before I started. Have you ever dealt with Lice? O-M-G!!! I seriously was NOT prepared for all that laundry (I am really scared to open my water bill this month). Now here we are, day 5 of me having a job, and I am almost caught up with my mom stuff. Not really.

On top of all one told me how exhausted I would be. I can't even think some days when I get off. Oh and to top it....I am sick...OF COURSE because WHAT could be better than my first weekend off in bed right before a holiday week?!?!?!?

So the long of it is right there for ya....want to know what is killing more than all my personal drama? Not having a clue what I would need to just have an office. YEAH!!! That's right....SUPPLIES!! I have the wardrobe down. New shoes...UM CHECK!! But who would have thought I needed to consider highlighters and lighting and desk blotters and all that other wonderful stuff that is sold in massive chain stores. I am stressing not having my eyebrows waxed yet (on the list before the lice took out my schedule) but I am for REAL itching to get into an Office Max or Staples like NOW!!

So let me run down my list for any of you wonderful SAHMs that may find yourself in my current situation. Here ya go: mini medicine cabinet (tums, motrin, midol *yeah*, dayquil, sudafed, and B12!!), go to lunch and breakfast options because sometimes you are just running behind or you just dont feel like going anywhere, extra drinks (my pick is Monster :), a phone prop thingy for your desk ( I didnt even think about this until my phone kept going off over and over and had I just been able to see who and what I would have never needed to interupt my day to put phone in hand), blanket and extra jacket, space heater, lotion, sanitizer, pens, highlighters, command hooks, and I am DYING for some canvas prints....thinking I might be asking to hang some prints of my babies after christmas.

It really has been a massive adjustment and I am so lucky that my dh has been on the ball. He talked to the kids and told them how stressed Mommy is and how much she is trying to adjust and they just need to help out more around the house so that we can all spend more time together. He is helping me to learn to say no more often. I didn't realize how hard THAT was going to be. I actually tried to make a commitment to go into the school at 7:50 to help with a project until 8:45 to make it to work by 9....WHAT!!!!!????!!!! Yeah, crazy person right there. He lovingly told me I have put in around 2,000 hours since I started volunteering and now it is time to say I have paid my dues and find other ways to contribute.

So the short of this long blurb on my lunch break is that when I decided to go back to work I never realized that the big stuff in my life would be dwindled down to microscopic and the little stuff like highlighters would take over. I can say though, at the end of the day, I am right where God called me to be and I am beyond blessed to have had this amazing opportunity fall into my lap so that it doesnt interfere with my life as a mommy (the kids dont believe that I even work...they think I am tricking them into chores).

Life Is Awesome