Sunday, June 19, 2011

In all things give thanks

Today I was watching the duggar's episode where Anna told how she miscarried and her mil told her to thank God in everything. This morning in church I heard a sermon about not using my moodswings to make my husband do what i want him to do. So here I sit. In silence. In prayer. In thanks that God has brought me to a realization of what I want in life as well as how far I am from that goal. All I can do is sit here in thanks that my God loves me so much that He has a plan bigger and better than I could ever dream and I am catching a small glimpse of it right now. Though I feel like i can't breathe for all of the emotions inside and the questions flying through my head....I thank my father in heaven on this blessed father's day for showing me that my dreams can come true and one ay they will....til then I wait and praise his name

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pardon my whining

Day one of our 22 day journey has put us on a rocky path. I worked so hard yesterday. I have been working so hard for a few days now. Even had dental work done earlier this week. You would think today would have been a little better but no. I really wanted to leave last night. I really wanted to be here for my bestie today from the time she got up but it just wasn't in the cards. I almost feel like being here has become more of a to do list item on her check list because of her heartbreaking circumstances. I hated to do it but dh and i both felt it best for her to be with her family and not have to worry about us. I miss her bad right now.

As if all that weren't enough I have been eating like a pig. I made a commitment to myself to track everything I ate with my handy dandy iPad and I feel like a glutenous cow.

So here I am.... After traveling for 9.5 hrs on the bike typing a blog to distract the burning criucifiction that is my selfish flesh....time to master some angry birds