Monday, December 30, 2013

Keeping it OUT of the family and coping with missing out on life

Lesson 567 in going back to work: Don't rely on family or friends

I don't mean this in a nasty way. Not by any means. But I do emphasize that if you don't pay you better have a backup plan. This was our first major holiday break from school and a good practice run for life here on out. We had it all arranged. I checked my calendar and verified my schedules with 3 sitters in the family. They would all rotate and everyone was good for their days until their days arrives. Last night at 8 pm I am scrambling for a sitter and stressing. Finally a sweet neighbor girl stepped up at the cheap price of $20 per day and saved my rear. Tonight I get a text begging for babies tomorrow. Well, where were you yesterday or today when I tried to confirm? I make other arrangements and suddenly "your schedule cleared up" but on the days you are needed you are busy again? What is WRONG WITH SOCIETY AND THE CHILDREN THEY ARE RAISING!?!?!?!

Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins....they all have a life.  I get that. I also understand that we, as a general society, are not training our kids to be responsible and to uphold their word like a badge of honor. I am trying to teach my kids that if you commit to something then nothing else is to come in between unless it is just unavoidable. Making dates with friends, shopping, and "I don't feel like it" do NOT fall into that category.  Really it is more like death and dismemberment that actually qualify. People need to be able to trust that if you say something , you mean it, you will stand by it, or at least that you will be respectful if you have to back out on an obligation for the sake of the other person's wine supply. 

As much as I was really wanting to stockpile paychecks and play Dave Ramsey over here this summer I think I have to put the kibosh on that for now. I am realizing that daycare/summer camp sounds like a GREAT and RELIABLE idea. 

So heavy ranting aside...I am seriously missing out this holiday season. I feel like Christmas was shoved into a 2 day time period. We had a mini cookie bake day and rushed around like mad people to finish up "emergency shopping" on Christmas eve then shoved a dinner with part of the family in there somewhere. Christmas day we woke up to open presents, cook while family was arriving, open more presents, send people out with to go plates, get dressed and head out to another dinner. It wasn't until we got where we were going and most of the other people left that we actually settled down to enjoy the kids as they enjoyed their presents. 

Taking all of this in...learning from my mistakes, I have decided that a babysitter list is IMPORTANT. Back up plans are essential and check lists are a MUST!!! 

Happy report for the holidays....I mailed out 87 Christmas cards and they all got there by the 24th!! GO ME

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