Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Making it work with a Cough and Sneeze

This past month has HONESTLY flown by. I have been so busy I can't even breathe. Well, I guess that means I am loving every minute. Even the hard ones. 

The kids have gotten over the guilt trip stage. My sweet little princess even made me cry one night, telling me that I am giving all my time to my job and she never sees me. Mind you I work 30 hours a week and only during school hours. I quickly shut that down. I don't mind ackowledging that her feelings are legit and she has a right to them but I also assured her that she was in no way suffering for me having a job. I am home when she leaves and when she gets home. (Haven't quite explained the whole summer thing yet...eek) 

So, now we are in a dead heat race against the holidays. I do a lot of month end stuff and in this industry people disappear to take the "use it or lose it" vacation because apparently NO ONE takes time off any other time of the year ... WOW!!! I say with all sincerity, I work with some determined, driven, and dedicated people. 

I am personally still trying to keep that homemade feel to my house. Cooked dinners, baked yumminess, and all that jazz. Now, throw a little job into the kitchenaid (that I dont have yet) and a pinch of workaholic as well as a dash of rearrange the house and YOU HAVE MY LIFE all ready to break and bake. 

Last night we were moving furniture around to make me an office downstairs so my wonderful woodman husband can have a mancave all to himself when I noticed my legs were really achy. OH NO!! I told him I was worried. I only get achy legs when I am about to get really sick. Fast forward to 7 am and BAAAAAMMMM!!! The train o' flu blared its horn and announced its pending arrival at the station of my entire body. I shrugged it off and trudged on to work....take some sinus meds I said. I will feel better in a little while i said....yeah OK! 

At 9:41 (yes I looked at the clock) I made a mad dash across the street to the gas station to get some Dayquil. In my lil' ol' mind Dayquil is the determining factor between OOBER sick and sinus infection. 2 caplets and a little over an hour later I was sprawled out face first on my desk. OH SO SICK. Thankfully, my husband told me to get straight to the dr on lunch. I really didnt hesitate. So here is how the first phone call went. "Thank you for calling the doctors office can you hold" "uh" "thanks" mmmmk not a good sign but its worth the wait right? "thanks for holding how can I help you." "I need to make an appointment for asap I think I may have the flu" "okay it will be later tomorrow or Friday" "dont you have anything today?" "no ma'am, we close at noon today" 

Seriously I wanted to scream every bad word that existed...thank you Jesus for making even my tongue to sick to speak today LOL. What doctor closes that early on a wednesday that is NOT a holiday? So, in tears, i messaged my good ol' hubby with my delima. Of course, his logical male response was "call every doctor until you get one to let you in today" my brain was like 'NO' and 'New patients dont get right in' but I decided to try the dr I had thought about switching to anyway. 

I get to the office and get back into a room pretty quick. Doc doesnt come in for a while. No small talk, no check this and that then come back with results, he actually waits for the results of the flu tests before coming in. Now mind you I do not EVER test positive for the flu until day 5....ya know the day you think you will finally die but wake up the next morning to say "Thank you Lord I made it!" So here comes this guy with my negative results. He looks me over and says "I dont care what the test says, you have the flu." I would have hugged him if my arms didnt weight 100lbs each. YES YES YES!!! Finally a doc that gets that cultures and blood work dont find EVERYTHING!!! Thank you Dr T for actually looking all over your patient and not at your lap top. Oh and did I mention I never saw a pad, tablet, or laptop?  Good ol' pen and paper and old fashion medicine!! I think I found a winner. Then he said the words I dreaded....

I was sick to my stomach and not just from the icky sickness. What would my new job say? How could i take the week off? I dont have any time off built up and Christmas is next week. 

I texted the Admin girl and told her and I was so sorry. She told me to rest and I said I would try to come back friday and she said not to push it....WHAT? WOW!!! Then I talked to one of my bosses as I logged into my home pc thinking that she probably wouldnt go for it but she even helped me find shortcuts and log into the network....COULD THIS BE REAL? Could the corporate world be THIS EASY? Its like the whole idea is "we dont care how you get your job done as long as it gets done" 

So as I sit here, achy, shaking, and hacking my brains out in my home office, sitting on my "throne" chair my momma just handed down to me, covered from head to toe in sweats and blankets....I am super blessed and satisfied with my life. 

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